Fifth International Folk Dance Festival in Kazan

V Jubilee Festival was held from 29 May to 2 June 2010. The festival first took part teams from Malaysia, Mexico. And also participated in the festival groups from Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Latvia, Russia


festival Opening Ceremony
In TGAT them. Kamal


official meeting in the Kremlin, the heads of delegations
  presidential adviser RTT.P. Larionova


festival closing in KCK KSU “Unics”


Sport suite “Go Russia!»


Delegation of Hungary




Delegation of Lithuania



Delegation of Malaysia




Delegation of Mexico





Polish delegation



Delegation of Serbia



Delegation of Lithuania



Delegation of Turkey



Tatarstan delegation



final Tatar dance







Deputy Prime Minister,
Minister of Culture RT-Zili Rakhimyanovna Valeyeva
and the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of RT-
  Raisa Timerhanovicha Burganeeva



Director of folk song and dance “Lublin” (Poland) Jan Twardowski Here in Poland such festivals we spend more than 20 years. Your festival is still quite young, but the scope of the best concert halls, cultural program for uchastnikov- show numerous experience of participation in such festivals festival director Ishkuzinoy Svetlana Vladimirovna, a lot of preparatory work of the organizers, a great desire to hold a festival worthy. So 5 and became the festival. The way we met in Kazan, as treated us all the days of the festival, what we have seen in your beautiful city has shown us that there are very fond of children and support the folk art.
The head of collective Children’s and Youth Folk Dance Ensemble of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation g.AnkaraOsman Gökmen Our children enjoyed the festival. We were so warmly welcomed! We got acquainted with the traditions and customs of Tatarstan. For our children’s memory was a visit to a mosque, a trip along the Volga River, a visit to the water park. Very important was the reception at the Turkish Embassy. Special thanks for the concert in the “Pyramid” .Vsё organized at the highest level.
Rukovoditelansamblya Lithuania Ligita Didziuliene It affects the professional organization of the festival. All services are working very harmoniously, a single pad. A meeting organized by the Government of the Republic demonstrate statesmanship .This very happy …
The head of the Association of Cultural and Folk Art in Belgrade, Serbia Bunicic Biljana The festival went as bright, rich holiday. So many things we had in 5 days of the festival concerts, parades, parks, tours, business communication. Interesting was a master class on Tatar dance, organized by the Centre “Happy Childhood”. We’ve always wanted to learn to dance Tatar. At the close of the festival, we were able to show what they have learned in the total Tatar dance with all the participants of the festival.
The head of the children’s school iskusstvAnsamblya from Hungary? gnes Kis We are already the second time took part in your festival. Kazan festival for us a big celebration of friendship, it is very important for us. Concerts, meetings, excursions leave a lasting impression. Especially memorable dance of friendship in your fairy Sviyazhsk. For festival participants from around the fabulous island has become a real island of friendship, and friendship Kazan- city in which we want to come back again and again. We will be glad to meet again at the Festival.
Director of Folk Dance Ensemble of MalayziiBasrin Bin Yaman For the festival we have been preparing for six months. Sewed new costumes, rehearsing new dances. We really liked your town and your festival. We have acquired a lot of friends, met with a very hospitable Tatar people. One can see that all you have done with great love! Have creative longevity festival!
Head of Folk Dance Ensemble of Mexico


& nbsp;

In Kazan were the first time. We were greeted with such warmth and attention. Grateful Director Svetlana Vladimirovna, she was able to solve the problems with the delivery of our costumes as to help and support us. Our kids really liked your festival to participate in it is really fun, here you are loved. We are grateful to all the organizers wonderful festival!
Medical personalRespublikanskoy Hospital Concerts Festival in our bolnitse it has become a tradition. Sick kids with great pleasure looking at the performances of young artists from around the world. Not all of them have been abroad, and here you can see how close dress look like, what dances dancing, what songs they sing, what instruments are playing your sverstniki- is so cool. After the speech, many of the participants of the festival presented gifts to our children, and after the concert made a real friendship dance with the audience. On the day of the protection of children with such concerts for patients rebyat- real gift that is sure to help vyzdorovleniyu.Etot concert guys will remember for a long time, and returned home to tell about the festival of friendship in many parts of Tatarstan.
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