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The priority direction of collective is folk dance. Today ensemble "Schastlivoe detstvo" includes 25 groups - 500 children from 4 to 16 years and youth folk dance ensemble "Kristall ", which involved high school students, college students and young workers.

"Schastlivoe detstvo" and "Kristall are the Grand Prix winners, Laureates and Diplomants of the International festivals in Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland, Tunisia Morocco, Taiwan, India.

Ensemble "Schastlivoe detstvo" is the initiator of the International folk dance festivals held in Kazan. Creative collectives from 25 countries of the world participated in the International folk dance festivals in 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2012. In the ensemble has developed a unique system of training and education of children and teenagers. Children's Center includes five stages of training and education:

  1. Preschoolers 4-6 years
  2. Junior schoolchildren 7-10 years
  3. Secondary school 11-15 years
  4. High school students 16-18 years
  5. Students and working youth 18-27 years

  • (RUS) ХХVI ФЕСТИВАЛЬ творчества детей и молодёжи «Счастливое детство»

    Четверть века исполнилось доброй традиции Казанского хореографического ансамбля «Счастливое детство» выступать с гала-концертом в Международный день защиты детей в Татарском …

  • In 2014, the ensemble “Happy Childhood” 35 years old. Symbolically, the jubilee year ENSEMBLE coincided with the year of culture.

  • Announced the acceptance of children in the preparatory group of the ensemble

    Announced the acceptance of children 4,5,6 years in preparatory group of the ensemble “Happy Childhood” group RHYTHMICS “My mom and …

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