Fourth International Folk Dance Festival in Kazan

1V International Festival was held from 29 May to 2 June 2008. The festival was attended by teams from Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia. The guest of honor of closing the festival became the President of Tatarstan. M.Sh. Shaimiev.


The participants of the festival


State children’s Art School
(Hungary, Budapest)


Association of cultural and folk art
« SVETI SAVA »(Serbia, Belgrade)


Children Dancing ANSAMBL “ZVNCHE»


Folk Dance Ensemble “Joy»
(Ukraine, Sevastopol »


EXEMPLARY dance ensemble” Eaglets “(Sochi)


Exemplary choreographic ensemble
« Happy Childhood “(Tatarstan, Kazan)

Reviews of the festival

Artistic director of the ensemble of children’s folk dance

«Raising the” (Bulgaria)

Julia Boyanovna Geogrieva

Festival hit the scale: the best concert halls, performances in the Republic, a visit to Raif (the miracle of your Republic!), an official reception in the Kremlin, performance at the Festival of the President, all this has left a lasting impression on the festival!

artistic director of Izmit (Turkey)

Yilmaz Nazif

We are friends with your Republic for several years. Ensemble “Happy Childhood” – a regular participant of the Day of the child in Turkey, constantly proves that in Tatarstan live really happy children. A confirmation of your festival! Our children enjoyed the festival. We were so warmly welcomed! We especially remember a reception at the Turkish Embassy. Everything is organized at the highest level.


folk ensemble

«Joy” (Ukraine)

Tatiana Gotsulenko

A truly national approach demonstrated throughout the festival organizers. One spirit of friendship prevailed at the Festival ever. Our children are just happy to be on this island of friendship, as your festival.
The head of the Association of Cultural and folk art Slobodan Mirkovic from Serbia Over the years, our team has been involved in more than 50 festivals. And we can say that your festival is one of the best. Excellent organized. We were taken away in his country the best possible experience from your beautiful city, great Republic and your wise President.

Head of Children’s Art School

Agnes Kiss of Hungary

The festival will be remembered for a long time. Theaters in which we were, your wonderful audience, who took all our performances are very welcome. Left a trail of warm and a meeting with the Hungarian diaspora in Kazan. Do you live wonderful people. Most importantly, all the nations of your friends. In

In this wisdom and guidance of your President personally.

Director of Folk Dance Ensemble from Istanbul (Turkey)

Saglam Recep

The festival was a real celebration of friendship. Your people are very hospitable. I liked the performances in theaters, small towns, but the most memorable concert at Children’s Hospital. Despite the rain, sick kids are gone, but continued to watch our shows .. It was very good. And more like a walk along the Volga. Your river is so beautiful.


Dance Ensemble

Andrew Zentsov



In Kazan were the first time. Amazed. It really is a European city, one of the best cities in Russia. Your concert halls admirable. We will remember the reception at the highest level. Get the gifts personally from the President of the Republic, the is a great honor. We first arrived at the festival and the first performance took place in Laishevskom orphanage. We were greeted with such warmth and attention. We are grateful to all the organizers wonderful festival!

medical staff

Republican Clinical Hospital

May 30, 2008 GV part of the festival was a big concert at the RSC. These kontserty- already established tradition. Each time the festival comes to town as part of Children’s Day, young artists from other countries congratulate our children with their performances. It is the best gift for the sick children who are forced to spend in the hospital a long time. The concert began at the site in front of the central entrance. About 500 children, parents, medical staff became spectators and participants even dance of friendship. And when the rain came the audience did not want to diverge and the concert had to be moved to the auditorium of the therapeutic department, which could not accommodate everyone. Then put the wheelchair in the hall and the little ones. The guys from the hospital very much a holiday of friendship.

6-year-old girl after the show told everyone that she now have to get better.

Friendship Festival was the best medicine. We look forward to participating in the next festival DRKB sure!

Director of DK KMPO

Kumantseva Galina

To the Children’s Day at the Festival in our DC concert took place teams from Turkey and Tatarstan. The audience were the guys Aviastroitelny area and children of employees of the enterprise. The concert was a real celebration of friendship between our countries. Young spectators warmly received by artists from Turkey. After the speech, long diverged. Everyone wanted to take pictures and get autographs from new friends. Holiday of friendship, who came to our area due to the festival we want to make it a tradition.

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